Hunt it, Bite it, Keep it.

Thats the Gold Dog way


All Sluices and High Bankers made by Aussie Gold Dog are

Fully Up-gradeable.


My name is Crampo and I am an Australian Manufacturer of Fine gold recovery systems.


I didn't just pick up a pan and started to prospect a few years ago then decided i had enough experience to start manufacturing and selling gear, Ive owned and sold a lot of the best units from around the world made for the weekend prospector before coming up with my designs.

I have over 44years experience in fine gold recovery and my family combined has well over 80 years experience, no other manufacturer in Australia has our experience ( which is yours when you buy one of our products ).

We prospected the Orara gold fields which is known for fine gold. All our sluices we build are all fully upgradable systems, meaning that you can start with a sluice and then add an upgrade kit to make a full high banker or tromel system at your leisure.

I came up with this system because of the outlay of money and equipment storage. No more having 3 or 4 machines, all you will have with mine is 1 system that does it all.

Oppersitions Way -

You buy a sluice, when you out grow it you buy a High Banker, a cleanup sluice, where do you stop. Its costing you a fortune.

And your carrying around three or more units.


We will cut your costs in half or even more

and the storage space needed to store and carry your gear.



Aussie Gold Dogs Way - 

For example

Simply buy a 50" River Sluice to start with. When you want to up grade. Buy a 610 upgrade kit. This will give you the complete Gold Dog 610 system. At a cost you can manage in your own time.

After you may want to go further by adding our 10" clean-up sluice to your unit, With this unit you can classify most of your cons before you clean-up. Get the idea.

One unit and all collapses down together.






Aussie Gold Dog specializing in fine gold recovery in Australia and manufacturing since 2010.

With over 44 years experience prospecting the Orara Gold Fields in NSW Australia, and manufacturing since 2010, we are the leaders of our industry.

Aussie Gold Dog produces no frills, heavey duty prospecting gear for the Australian prospector.

All ways inovating.


The whole idea is to get as much gold as you can.

To do this.

You must turn over and clean as much material as possible in the shortest possible time.

Reduce time in washing and classifying.